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About Amber & Her Work

After a Near Death Experience in 2016, Amber has a sudden and unexpected spiritual awakening that led her down the path of discovering energy, emotions, limiting beliefs and awareness to the world beyond our human eyes. She made the decision to leave traditional nursing school which she was currently enrolled in and pursued the art of energy. 


Over the years Amber has gained many certifications such as becoming a Certified Practitioner of The Body Talk System, Reiki Master and Access Bars Facilitator. She has spoken on many stages and been featured on many podcasts to share her story of the other side, of new beginnings and how energy work saved her life. 


Amber has dedicated her life to building a solid community with those on their healing journeys, educating and awakening those who come into her space and allowing healing without shame or judgment. Amber is a very gifted intuitive and has the ability to feel her clients emotions, thoughts and even illness, in her own body. 


She has become a master of this gift and uses it to help people step into their power, leading by example and empowering everyone she meets to speak their truth, awakening their inner light and being unapologetic of their story! 


Amber also hosts Women’s & Mother/ Daughter Retreats multiple times a year. Make sure to follow her Social Media for details, join her email list to stay in the know! 


Amber resides in Utah County with her husband, their 3 children whom she homeschools and a cute German Shepherd named, Rex. In her down time, Amber enjoys being out in nature, spending time camping, hiking, going on adventures and road trips and living life to the fullest, knowing it’s a short ride!

My Story


Certifications and Acomplishments

Reiki Master of Usui Reiki 

Certified Practitioner of The Body Talk System 

Reiki Master of Holy Fire Reiki 


Certified Access Bars Facilitator 


Certified Life & Confidence Coach 


Inner Child Meditations 


Private/ Personal Healing Retreat Facilitator

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