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Ambers Purpose on The Planet

Buddha Statue

"I am here to help people in the world break free from the mental and physical pain that they are unknowingly holding onto, by intuitively finding and releasing the blocks in the body from old wounds where they internalized anger & shame.

Liberating this stored energy from the body allows for relief from the pain and freedom to step into their truth and true power."

-Amber Rein Zaccardi

Katie K. 

Healer and Friend

I met with Amber not knowing what to expect. She was a stranger that a friend suggested. Within minutes I felt as if I've known her forever. She made everything so comfortable so much that I was able to open up to her. Like word vomit haha. She was able to answer questions that I had that the doctors couldn't!

She has given me peace of mind in many situations sense then, she even told me the hard things that I'm sure she didn't want to. She is honest and pure and TRUE! I would strongly recommend her and so thankful we have been brought together. 

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